How Businesses Liquidating their Assets Could Benefit From Using Auction Services

Asset Liquidation When a business needs to close or relocate, they often have to “liquidate their assets,” which is a fancy term for converting their equipment and assets into cash. If and when they choose to do this on their own, the process can take a very long time.

Being in business can be a challenge. Going out of business can be equally challenging and heartbreaking.

One way to lessen the stress of having to “liquidate assets” is to utilize auction services from Smith & Co. Auction & Realty Inc. Smith & Co. helps businesses turn their assets into cash in a quick and efficient way. Rather than deal with returns, repairs, refunds and all that stuff that bogs a business down, an auction can sell inventory “as is.” Buyers come to the auction looking for bargains, and the auctioneer can get people interested in buying lots of items quickly.

A liquidation auction can conveniently be used by a business to pay its creditors. Rather than waiting around to sell items piece by piece, an auction moves a lot of inventory out the door in a timely manner. What could take a business owner months to sell, could take an auctioneer a day! The auction process, therefore, not only reduces stress for a business owner, but could help reduce overhead expenses as well.

How can Smith & Co. help run your liquidation auction? Well, the company markets the auction to interested people who want to buy your items. Items get professionally appraised, inventory is taken, items are priced, and the paperwork involved is taken care of by Smith & Co.

If you need to liquidate assets, call Smith & Co. to discuss a liquidation auction. The number is 580-254-3975.

Why Real Estate is a Smart Investment

Real Estate Auctions The old song goes, “Oh, give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above– don’t fence me in.” That lyric resonates with a lot of people, especially those who call Oklahoma home.

One of the reasons people like living in Oklahoma is that they can don’t have to feel crowded by neighbors if they don’t want to– it’s not like New Jersey or New York City where there’s just too many people crammed together in too small a space.

Smith & Company Auction & Realty, Inc., has plenty of listings for land, as well as residential and commercial properties, in Oklahoma. Smith & Company realtors have an impressive 60 years of combined experience (and love for) selling Northwest Oklahoma.

Why is real estate a good investment? The simple answer is that it helps people build wealth. If done right, it could mean a tax free cash flow thanks to depreciation and mortgage interest deductions if they leverage their capital.

Real estate investing allows people to use a bank’s money to ultimately get a good return on investment, providing conditions are right.

Many people buy real estate properties in order to rent them out to others. This can give them a nice income, and, ideally, a profit. With an overage of tax deductions, an active investor may be able to get tax write-offs against their other income. Some personal expenses can be used as valid business deductions since rental real estate is, indeed, a business.

Furthermore, real estate properties tend to appreciate in value over the long term.

Of course there’s also the wild card reasons to invest: what if the land you buy today becomes the sought-after land developers want to build on tomorrow? Or what if a company wants to buy/lease your land to put up a cell tower? What if oil is discovered beneath the ground on your property?

In Northwest Oklahoma, if you’re thinking of buying or selling real estate, call Smith & Co. at 580-254-3975.


Why Auctions are Exciting Endeavors

Auctions Why are auctions exciting endeavors? It comes down to a study of human psychology. We don’t generally tell others that we secretly revel in winning something while others lose, but face it: that’s often the truth!

Auctions give us a chance to potentially acquire something we want for a price lower than we thought we’d pay for it. In some cases, it can become competitive, and there’s the adrenaline rush of bidding against an opponent to see who will ultimately win the item or property. Interestingly, even if we end up paying more than we bargained for, because the competitor bid us up, there’s this sense of “Well, I showed ‘em! I won!” There’s a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with winning an auction.

Auctions bring a diverse group of people together who might not normally be in each other’s presence, so they’re social occasions. Whether online or in-person, auctions typically involve several people, so there’s a sense that you’re part of a group that’s all vying for the same thing. The ultimate question is this: who will get that thing?

Hearts beat faster. People have to catch their breath. Whispers can often be heard at auctions. Decisions must be made, often quickly. Should a person be purely rational in their approach to winning an auction, betting with their head? Or should they be emotional and bet with their heart, as long as their checkbook can back it up?

Since timing is always an issue with auctions, that alone causes excitement. Will a person make a big bid at the last minute, surprising everyone else? Will something that you thought no one would want end up going for more money than you ever thought possible? That sense of unknown coupled with an “anything’s possible” mentality helps make the auction process quite exciting.

Smith & Co. conducts exciting real estate and farm land auctions. Don’t miss out! Call 580-254-3975 to find out when the next one(s) take place.

Never Miss an Auction By Downloading Our App

Auction App Back in 1987, when Smith and Company first got started, the average cost of a new house was $92,000 and the average income was $24,350 a year. Monthly rent for an apartment would run you about $395 and a brand new car cost about $10,300. Can you imagine this: gas for the car was 89 cents a gallon! Fast forward to today and things are different, as you’d expect.

Since 1987, Smith and Company has seen the world change. Remember dot matrix printers and those old Apple II computers from the 1980s? Today people are on smartphones using apps. Smith and Company has kept up with the times, thankfully. The Smith & Co. bidding app, available as an Android App on Google Play or in the Apple App Store (for the iPhone/iPad), represents a commitment to making things as convenient as possible to customers.

This app makes it possible for customers to be anywhere they want– such as watching their kids soccer game, for example– and still be able to easily bid at an auction at the same time! Gone are the days when you had to be physically present at an auction to make a proper bid.

Selling everything from machinery to huge ranches, Smith & Co. seems to always be auctioning off interesting items and properties in and around Northwest Oklahoma. The nice thing about the app is that a person can make a bid on an item/property from near or far– from Oklahoma or New York or California or Canada. It’s very convenient and ensures you can always be part of the action.

Smith & Co. does about 100 to 130 live auctions per year. These auctions take place on site, at a conference center and/or online via a live webcam link. To connect with Smith & Co. with any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to call 580-254-3975 or email

The Benefits of a Real Estate Auction

Real Estate Auctions Trying to buy or sell a home or property on your own can become a headache and a hassle. What if few, if any, people are interested in it? How are you supposed to inform others that you’ve got something for sale or that you have a certain kind of place in mind to buy? In this case, being on one’s own is not a good thing. It’s like trying to succeed in isolation.

An auction, on the other hand, is about bringing like-minded people together for a purpose, and auctions help draw attention to things.

Smith & Company, for instance, has an intricate knowledge of the local market, helping individuals and families find their dream home. In addition, Smith & Company helps sellers set the best price for their land, so it’s a win-win for both buyers and sellers, with Smith & Company in the middle.

One of the main benefits of a real estate auction is that it involves excellent marketing so people who are interested in buying or selling real estate in Oklahoma know the key details about what’s available, where and when, etc. For instance, Smith & Company is known for creating marketing materials that get the word out about auctions to interested people. Using colorful brochures, flyers, and, of course, the Internet, Smith & Company takes a full-service approach to marketing properties so they’re noticed.

Also, a real estate auction is a smart idea because it involves only qualified buyers. They’re the type of people you want vying for your property– they have the necessary means to afford what you’re selling. The highest bidder wins. Buyers ultimately have the final say in what price they’ll pay, purchasing real estate at its true market value. Again, this is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers, as Smith & Company helps facilitate the transaction.

Consider a real estate auction; call 580-254-3975 for more information.

Reasons to Live in Oklahoma

Whether you’re looking for a new job or just some new scenery, we’re here to tell you that Oklahoma is one of the best places you can live. Exactly why should you choose Oklahoma as your next home? We’re here to provide you with a few reasons that will convince you in no time!

Oklahoma is perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors and open stretches of road. There are few things more relaxing than cruising down Route 66, the longest stretch of which is located in the state. In fact, this state contains over 400 miles of the highway, and there is plenty to see and do from one end to the other. In fact, Oklahoma is famous for its roadside attractions, and we have everything from a giant Paul Bunyan statue to the famous Blue Whale along our roads.

This state is also perfect for anyone who has a deep appreciation for not only American history, but Earth’s far more ancient past. There are plenty of great museums and science centers around the state where you can see fossils and so much more. Just a few of our science-oriented attractions include the Cimarron Heritage Center, the Museum of the Red River, and the Sam Noble Art Museum.

Do you love sitting back and watching a great game? Not only do we have the Oklahoma City Dodgers, but we’re also home to soccer teams like the Tulsa Roughnecks. Whether you love baseball, soccer, or anything else, there are plenty of opportunities to watch and play sports in Oklahoma.

Why should you live in Oklahoma? Well, these reasons only scratch the surface of what makes the state so great. Do so more research to discover why Oklahoma should be your next home, and keep checking back for more news and information!

The Advantages of Home Ownership

If you’re contemplating whether or not to purchase your first home, we’re here to tell you why owning a house is so great. While there are advantages to renting and leasing, the benefits of home ownership outweigh them. Once you purchase a home in Oklahoma, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits that just aren’t possible otherwise.

Unlike rental properties, you only stand to make money when you buy a home. While the cost may be more expensive upfront than paying monthly rent, you should think of a home as an investment. Not only can you one day sell your home and make back the money you spent on it, but odds are it will be worth more in the future than it is now. This is especially true if you take proper care of your home and even make a few upgrades.

Along those same lines, the cost of owning a home is something much more predictable and manageable than renting. In most cases, you will be able to get a fixed rate mortgage in order to pay the same amount every month. On the other hand, rent can increase from year to year, and you have no control over how high rent goes.

Owning a home also offers you greater privacy and comfort than renting a property, especially if you are in a larger apartment complex. With your own home, you won’t have to worry about neighbors above or below you. If there is a problem in your house, you won’t have to wait for a landlord to do something about it either. Home ownership also helps to instill a sense of pride in the community. Knowing you plan on living in the area for more than a few months or years at a time can truly make a house feel like a home.

These advantages of home ownership are almost endless, and these are just some of the reasons why we know you’ll love owning your first home.


Is Your Town One of the Best Places to Live in America?

When considering the question “What are the best places to live in America?” you have to realize it is a subjective question demanding a subjective answer. You might prefer big cities, vaudevillian metropolises like New York City or Los Angeles. On the other hand, you might like medium-sized cities, cities that haves all the benefits of a big city but are more low-key. Alternatively, you might eschew all of those things and prefer the burbs or maybe the country. It is truly a situation of whatever floats your boat, but the question of “What are the best places to live in America?” is something that many people take very seriously, especially real estate moguls and trendsetters.

That being said, every year there are lists detailing the best places to live in America. Of course, this changes year to year, but it’s important to pay attention to these lists, especially if you want to see the area you call home improve and be buzzworthy. One such list is this list put together by Builder, which utilizes information gathered by the team over at Livability.

Builder reports, “Rochester, Minn., home of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, took the top honors on this year’s list, up from No. 2 last year, driven by its schools and the diverse range of affordable housing. Up next was Bellevue, Wash., followed by Madison, Wisc., Santa Barbara, Calif. and Boulder, Colo.”

So, these are the top 5 places to live in America? Interesting! The list is extensive and there are places on it that are from our neck of the woods. Check out the places on the list and think of ways that your neighborhood can make the cut (if it’s not already on it that is!).

Bettering the Lives of Oklahoma Farmers

Anything you need to know about Oklahoma can be had from knowing a little bit about our farmers. Oklahoma farmers are some of the most hardworking Americans in the entire country, representing a dedication to the land and their craft that is unparalleled in our eyes. The sun beats down on their hearts as they tend to the land. Sometimes their hands are calloused and their eyes are weary, but for these farmers, working outdoors and braving any elements the weather decides to throw at them is divinely-inspired work; not everyone can do it and for those that do take pride in their work. They are Oklahoman through and through. An important part of their job is irrigation efficiency, as written about in this article from Southwest Farm Press.

Ron Smith writes, “No one has to tell Oklahoma farmers that pumping irrigation water can be expensive. In 2013, they spent some $22 million to power about 5,351 water pumps. That breaks down to a per-acre cost of $52 for ground water and $17 for surface water, says Scott Frazier, associate professor in renewable energy at Oklahoma State University.”

That is clearly a large portion of money going to irrigation efficiency and while irrigation efficiency is crucially important to the overall success of their crops, is there any possibility that Oklahoma farmers can lower the costs and become more efficient? Frazier has some ideas, including improving the efficiency of engines, the pump system, the water distribution system, and more. Those might be considered some big changes, but other more manageable things include keeping an eye on and understanding the electric rate schedule.

By improving their irrigation efficiency, Oklahoma farmers will be contributing to the overall improvement of the state, including the economy, and that is something that we at Smith & Co Auction and Realty Inc. can get behind!

Oklahoma and Charity

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the community spirit that seems to flow out of the Oklahoman ground like bighearted rivers. It’s everywhere and you can’t avoid it. We take pride in this spirit and it’s one of Oklahoma’s biggest selling points in our opinion. That’s why it’s so easy being involved in the Oklahoman real estate industry; the area sells itself. If it isn’t for the natural beauty, it’s for the charitable attitudes, like the people over at Jesus House and its adopt-a-block program, as reported by KOCO in this article.

Mecca Rayne writes, “A local nonprofit organization is on a mission. It wants to provide fans for low-income families in a couple of neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. They have a program called adopt-a-block where they tend to some of the needs of the folks who live there. This time the need is heat and weather-related. “Fans are very important at this hot time,” said Michael Bateman, the executive director of Jesus House.”

Now that is a very specific mission statement: to pick one neighborhood at a time, investigate the needs of the people who live there, and provide for those needs. Sometimes all it takes is doing that little something extra for the people around you. It can make or break lives – and all they’re doing is providing fans. They’re not renovating homes or building news. Jesus House is keeping it simple and that’s all it takes. All people need to see is that you care. That goes a long way.

Think for a bit: how many extra fans do you have around the house? Do you have any unused ones? You can help too. Get in touch with Jesus House too at the following link.