Four Benefits of Buying Heavy Equipment at an Auction

Tools and Equipment Auctions in OKPurchasing the right heavy equipment is no small feat. It can be difficult to find the exact equipment you need for an upcoming construction project or farming plan, especially at the time and price tag you want it at. That’s where buying heavy equipment at an auction can come in handy.

Prices that will fit your budget

We know it’s the truth: your project or farm could get by with one or two pieces of heavy equipment, but what it really needs is X, Y, and Z, too. At an auction, you can stretch those equipment expense dollars far beyond what you’d be able to do with any retail or seller. Find equipment at more affordable prices, and be open to bargain, too!

More choices at an equipment auction

One of the best parts of auctioning is that a buyer gets to see every option that’s on the table. With heavy equipment, that means older models, alternative types of equipment, or several items that could get the job done. It’s all about choices—and at auctions, you have plenty of them.

Know your seller at an auction

This might seem simple, but in an age where online sellers can remain anonymous, it’s worth every second of your time. At auctions, you’re dealing with in-person sellers who know this heavy equipment better than anyone—professionals who can tell you its value, its age, and the market price it’s being sold against. This is the sort of information you’ll want to have before making that next heavy equipment purchase.

Heavy equipment on demand

In many instances, you don’t have the days or weeks at your disposal to place an order and hope the heavy equipment comes in on time. However, at an auction, you won’t leave empty-handed—offering buyers more flexibility with their purchases. Don’t waste time any longer!

If you’re on the hunt for tools, heavy equipment and more, Smith & Co. Auction & Realty is on the job. On Saturday, April 28th, we have a live on-site auction with a hefty sale bill of tools, heavy equipment and vehicles ripe for the buy. If you don’t live nearby, online bidding is available. Call us at 580-254-3975 for more information and make sure to check out a list of our upcoming auctions!