The Crop Circle Phenomenon

An aerial view of crop circle created in farm fields

Ever wonder who or maybe what is responsible for those strange crop circles that mysteriously appear in fields across the world? Crop circle enthusiasts have come up with many theories about what creates the patterns, ranging from the plausible to the absurd. Some people have suggested that localized and precise wind patterns somehow create the circles. Others suggest that the answer lies in time travel or alien life, and many who favor an extraterrestrial explanation claim that aliens physically make the patterns themselves. Still, others believe that it is human, not extraterrestrial, thought and intelligence behind the patterns.

While there are countless theories, humans are the only known, proven cause of crop circles. Their origin remained a mystery until September 1991, when two men confessed that they had created the patterns for decades as a prank to make people think UFOs had landed. They never claimed to have made all the circles, as many were copycat pranks done by others, but their hoax launched the crop circle phenomena. While most crop circles are now attributed to hoaxers, crop circle researchers still search for those that cannot be explained, “genuine crop circles” as they refer to them.  

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