Why Do Properties Go Up for Auction?

A row of coins on a small house model and a law auction hammer

While it’s true that some homes that go to auction are a result of a foreclosure or bankruptcy, most of the property sold at auction has no financial distress and is direct for sellers who have chosen the auction method. For many years, auction has been a preferred method for selling agricultural and rural properties, estates, and senior transitions. Across the United States, more and more pieces of residential, luxury, commercial, farm and ranch, and investment property is trading at auction.

Here are a few reasons properties are sold at auction and why many buyers prefer purchasing through auction.

Level Playing Field

An auction allows all buyers to participate under the same terms and conditions. No buyer has an advantage over another based upon if they are getting financing, asking for inspections, home warranty, early possession, or any other contingencies. Auction eliminates the closed-door negotiations that can leave some buyers at a disadvantage.


When buying at auction, you know exactly where you stand. You’re the top bidder, or you are not. In markets where sellers are experiencing multiple offers, the buyers are usually left in the dark. When you make an offer on a property in the traditional market, you don’t know how you compare to the other offers on the table, but it is very clear at auction if you are in the lead.

Clearer Understanding of Price

We have all heard the term “market value,” but how do you determine true market value? Is it what the real estate agent says? An appraiser? Tax assessor? Those are all professional estimates and tools to give an approximate value, but true market value is what the public is willing to pay for a property. When marketed effectively and open to all members of the public, an auction is a true form of price discovery. Buyers can feel comfortable they didn’t overpay for a property when they know there are others in the market just one bid away.

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