Upcoming Aircraft Auctions

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Upcoming Aircraft Auction: Nov 6th & 7th

An auction is one of the most reliable sources for purchasing something typically on a larger scale for an affordable price and very quickly. The most popular types of auctions used to be reserved for vehicles and residential property. However, those looking to acquire an aircraft for a reasonable price can attend an aircraft auction.

An aircraft auction is very similar to an auction for a home. Our auctioneers will provide a brief description of the aircraft to be auctioned off. Auction participants can usually get a visual of the aircraft and then the bidding begins. The auction process is quick and without any prior experience or research of what to expect from an aircraft auction can result in an impulsive decision.

You don’t need to have extensive prior auction experience in order to get a great deal on an aircraft. Nonetheless, you should engage in useful research so that you’re prepared for whatever may occur. If you can, ask the seller prior to the auction for logbook status and any damage history. Also, you might want to inquire about avionics and any equipment that will be included in the sale of the aircraft. These things might be listed in an ad, but if not it’s good to get as much prior knowledge as you can obtain.

Smith & Co. Auction & Realty, Inc. has two upcoming aircraft auctions. The first auction will be held on Thursday November, 6th at 1:00 pm and the second on Friday November, 7th at 10:00 am. Both auctions will be selling experimental airplanes and ultralights. For auction location and bidding information, feel free to visit our auction website.