Unique Items That Sell Well at Auction

selective focus of auctioneer holding gavel and pointing with finger at buyer during auction

It’s fair to assume that common auction items like antiques, cars, artwork, or land will see fast sales at auction, but what about those not-so-common items, the rarities that attract curious eyes and a heaping profit? Items that leave you scratching your head, wondering how people got their hands on these interesting finds. 

Here are a few unique items that guarantee a nice and profitable sale at auction! 


A surprisingly large number of people look for animal skeletons or bones in online auctions to add to their collection of creatures that once roamed the earth. Collect enough individual bones for a species, and you could complete a skeletal puzzle right at home. If you feel a little weary by such a purchase, rest assured that many people use these unique auction items for education and research purposes!

Celebrity Belongings

There is a large market for anything to do with celebrities because of our society’s obsession with the rich and famous. Some of the most sought-after items include locks of celebrity hair, articles of clothing, and other personal belongings. You can even find items that celebrities briefly interacted with, such as bus tickets, hairbrushes, or toenail clippers.


While preserving the body of a dead animal may or may not be something you’re interested in, there’s no denying the high demand for taxidermy pieces in auctions. The people who buy these items look for the most realistic recreations of living wildlife available. Whether you’re looking for a fierce bear or a graceful deer, you can find one that’s preserved forever at auction.

Ancient Alcohol

A rare, well-aged wine, beer, or liquor can go for thousands of dollars at an auction. One source for these beverages is the sea floor — shipwrecks can be a treasure trove of liquid gold, and some alcohol found is still drinkable!

No matter what unique items you choose to sell at auction, Smith & Co Auction & Realty is the place to go. We hold hundreds of auctions a year, from online to in-person, selling everything from land and minerals to personal property. 

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