The Advantages of Selling Your Property in the Spring

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Spring is a special time of year. The birds start to come out, flowers begin to bloom, and we gain an extra hour to enjoy the increasing amounts of sunshine. In the real estate world though, spring brings more than just chirping birds and colorful flowers. The season of growth also brings a rush of buyers and sellers to the market!

In fact, spring is typically considered the busiest season in real estate, making it one of the best times to list your property. How can you benefit from a spring sale? Let’s take a look!

The demand to buy is high.

After a long and dreary winter cooped up inside, buyers are eager to get out and start house hunting by the time spring rolls around. The longer days and warm, fresh weather are the perfect combination to energize hopeful homeowners and sustain them through their search. Not to mention, many of them have tax refunds and holiday bonuses still burning a hole in their wallets, making them feel even more prepared to take the plunge.

Buyers want to close quickly.

One of the reasons the real estate market typically sees a wave of buyers in the spring is because a majority of people want to close before summer gets too far underway. Not many buyers want to spend their summer touring property after property in the grueling heat, especially in the south or Midwest. They’d rather spend summer days getting settled and relaxing in their new home. This is particularly true for families, who want to get their kids acclimated before the new school year begins.

You’ll probably sell for more money.

As we’ve established, spring buyers are primarily fueled by the vitality of the season, as well as the desire to be moved in by the end of summer. These two factors will motivate interested parties to make an offer on a property they like quickly, fostering greater competition. The race to make a spring sale is, therefore, very likely to lead to a bidding war that drives up offers and gives you a good chance of walking away with more money than you would any other time of year.

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