The Advantages of Selling Land at Auction

“Land for sale” sign on empty plot of land with blue sky and sun setting in the background

Selling land can often be a lengthy process. Utilizing a land auction to bypass the back-and-forth negotiations of traditional real estate sales is a practical option to consider when selling your land. While auctions are often used to sell distressed properties, they can also be a fruitful way to sell non-distressed lots and land.

Here are a few advantages of selling land at auction that you should consider for your next big sale.

Committed Buyers

Negotiating with buyers can be time-consuming. It can be frustrating if the buyer decides to delay or even back out of a deal after lengthy negotiations. Auctions speed up the sales process by providing buyers who are committed to purchasing your property. This is a tremendous benefit to the landowner because you feel confident that the buyer is committed to the purchase and won’t back out of the deal.

Shorter Timeframe

While traditional sales can take months or years, auctions typically close in as little as 30 to 45 days. If selling quickly is a must, auctions may be the best way to close a deal promptly. The hastened timeline can also be very attractive to potential buyers. Due to the timed deadline element of an auction, buyers won’t have to worry about investing an abundance of time negotiating on a property only to have the seller announce that they are no longer willing to sell.

Market Focus

Experienced auction houses are skilled at marketing real estate to potential buyers. Most use a full campaign of marketing, public relations, and direct sales efforts to notify a broad pool of qualified buyers who would be interested in the auction of your property. When you sell vacant land at an auction, it’s key that the marketing efforts reach lot and land buyers, which is a more distinct audience.

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