Why Real Estate is a Smart Investment

Real Estate Auctions The old song goes, “Oh, give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above– don’t fence me in.” That lyric resonates with a lot of people, especially those who call Oklahoma home.

One of the reasons people like living in Oklahoma is that they can don’t have to feel crowded by neighbors if they don’t want to– it’s not like New Jersey or New York City where there’s just too many people crammed together in too small a space.

Smith & Company Auction & Realty, Inc., has plenty of listings for land, as well as residential and commercial properties, in Oklahoma. Smith & Company realtors have an impressive 60 years of combined experience (and love for) selling Northwest Oklahoma.

Why is real estate a good investment? The simple answer is that it helps people build wealth. If done right, it could mean a tax free cash flow thanks to depreciation and mortgage interest deductions if they leverage their capital.

Real estate investing allows people to use a bank’s money to ultimately get a good return on investment, providing conditions are right.

Many people buy real estate properties in order to rent them out to others. This can give them a nice income, and, ideally, a profit. With an overage of tax deductions, an active investor may be able to get tax write-offs against their other income. Some personal expenses can be used as valid business deductions since rental real estate is, indeed, a business.

Furthermore, real estate properties tend to appreciate in value over the long term.

Of course there’s also the wild card reasons to invest: what if the land you buy today becomes the sought-after land developers want to build on tomorrow? Or what if a company wants to buy/lease your land to put up a cell tower? What if oil is discovered beneath the ground on your property?

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