Proper Steps to Buying Farm Equipment at an Auction

If you are on a budget, buying farm equipment at an auction is a great way to save money. At auctions, it’s typical to find good bargains where farmers can get high-quality equipment at a lower price than buying retail.

Try not to go to an auction blindsided. If you follow these three steps, you should be set:

Do your homeworkIf you are on a budget, buying farm equipment at an auction is a great way to save money.

If you are planning on buying farm equipment at an auction, it will help if you prepare beforehand. What do you want to buy? What is it worth new versus used? What is the quality, price and brand’s reputation like? There are several things to take into consideration while doing your research before attending an auction.

Look for warranty information

One important thing to look for at an auction is if the machinery has a warranty. Many pieces will have a warranty that covers a certain amount of usage hours. If you purchase fairly new farm equipment, you may still have some valuable warranty left, which is a nice perk.

Maintenance your farm equipment

Congrats! You purchased a new tractor, now be sure to take care of it to extend its life. Replace any batteries needed, watch for low tire pressure and manage other parts as needed. If you maintain your machinery, your purchase will be worth the money and you can keep it working longer.

One of the main reasons auctions are so popular is because they offer farmers a way to save money on purchases. Bidding on equipment can also be a fun experience, since you are seeing if you will “win” at the price you would like to pay.

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