Oklahoma and Charity

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the community spirit that seems to flow out of the Oklahoman ground like bighearted rivers. It’s everywhere and you can’t avoid it. We take pride in this spirit and it’s one of Oklahoma’s biggest selling points in our opinion. That’s why it’s so easy being involved in the Oklahoman real estate industry; the area sells itself. If it isn’t for the natural beauty, it’s for the charitable attitudes, like the people over at Jesus House and its adopt-a-block program, as reported by KOCO in this article.

Mecca Rayne writes, “A local nonprofit organization is on a mission. It wants to provide fans for low-income families in a couple of neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. They have a program called adopt-a-block where they tend to some of the needs of the folks who live there. This time the need is heat and weather-related. “Fans are very important at this hot time,” said Michael Bateman, the executive director of Jesus House.”

Now that is a very specific mission statement: to pick one neighborhood at a time, investigate the needs of the people who live there, and provide for those needs. Sometimes all it takes is doing that little something extra for the people around you. It can make or break lives – and all they’re doing is providing fans. They’re not renovating homes or building news. Jesus House is keeping it simple and that’s all it takes. All people need to see is that you care. That goes a long way.

Think for a bit: how many extra fans do you have around the house? Do you have any unused ones? You can help too. Get in touch with Jesus House too at the following link.