Never Miss an Auction By Downloading Our App

Auction App Back in 1987, when Smith and Company first got started, the average cost of a new house was $92,000 and the average income was $24,350 a year. Monthly rent for an apartment would run you about $395 and a brand new car cost about $10,300. Can you imagine this: gas for the car was 89 cents a gallon! Fast forward to today and things are different, as you’d expect.

Since 1987, Smith and Company has seen the world change. Remember dot matrix printers and those old Apple II computers from the 1980s? Today people are on smartphones using apps. Smith and Company has kept up with the times, thankfully. The Smith & Co. bidding app, available as an Android App on Google Play or in the Apple App Store (for the iPhone/iPad), represents a commitment to making things as convenient as possible to customers.

This app makes it possible for customers to be anywhere they want– such as watching their kids soccer game, for example– and still be able to easily bid at an auction at the same time! Gone are the days when you had to be physically present at an auction to make a proper bid.

Selling everything from machinery to huge ranches, Smith & Co. seems to always be auctioning off interesting items and properties in and around Northwest Oklahoma. The nice thing about the app is that a person can make a bid on an item/property from near or far– from Oklahoma or New York or California or Canada. It’s very convenient and ensures you can always be part of the action.

Smith & Co. does about 100 to 130 live auctions per year. These auctions take place on site, at a conference center and/or online via a live webcam link. To connect with Smith & Co. with any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to call 580-254-3975 or email