Moving to Your New Home with Pets

The challenge of moving can be highly stressful for any family; but when pets are involved, a completely new level of challenges arise that are difficult on everyone involved. Our pets are a part of our families, and they often feel the stress and angst that we feel, during major life changes. Moving, whether you are traveling across town, or across the country, is one of the most major life changes we can make.

Though moving can be stressful, it is also an exciting experience. It brings with it, opportunities for new beginnings, and fresh starts. In addition, if we have pets, we most certainly want them along for the ride. Making sure that everyone is prepared for this life-changing event is important, so there are quite a few things we may need to consider for ourselves, and our pets, before taking on the challenge.

Here are a few tips for moving with pets, that will make the transition a bit easier, and as painless as possible for the whole family.

Take Your Pets to the Vet

Especially, if your move, includes a bit of travel, car rides, planes, etc.; taking your pets for a general check-up and letting the vet know that you are about to move, is a wise idea. Many pets can have adverse reactions to long distance traveling, or simply being taken out of their familiar surroundings. Making sure that they are healthy and prepared for travel of any kind, will make you feel better, and help keep your pets stay healthy and balanced.

Keep a Good Supply of Meds, Food, and Water

Knowing that you are equipped with everything you need to keep your pets calm and happy will make the move a lot less challenging. If your pets are on any medications, or if any are prescribed by the vet before you move, be sure to have them on hand. Also having enough food and water for your pets will help to keep them on an eating and drinking schedule that is similar to what they are used to. Well-nourished and hydrated pets are usually relaxed and happy.

Make Sure They Are Restrained Safely

All airlines have safe travel requirements for pets. They are normally required to be in a crate or airline safe carrier. If you are traveling by vehicle, the same rules should apply, for everyone’s safety. Loving your pets means that you will keep them safe, and NOT try to hold them in your laps. Having pets roam around inside of a moving vehicle is not a good idea for anyone.

Prepare Your New Living Space For Your Pets

Most pets thrive on the familiarity of their surroundings. As soon as you get to your new location, unpack your pet’s toys, food and water bowls. Take some down time with your pets to make them feel at ease in unfamiliar territory. Their toys, pieces of your clothing, and other familiar items from your last residence, will make the transition much smoother for you and your pets.