This (Could Be) Your Land

An auction, conducted by Smith & Co. Auction and Realty Inc. will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 15 at the Harper County Fairgrounds in Buffalo, OK. The auction will include the sale of 320 acres of Harper County land.


This large parcel of Oklahoma land is described as a beautiful spot that includes 74 acres of cropland and the balance of native grass. A creek runs through the Northeast portion of the property providing great natural landscaping, as well as the value of recreation. Those who are interested in fishing, creek swimming, canoeing or kayaking will surely find pleasure from the waters on this land.


List every game species this part of Oklahoma has to offer and this property has it. If you like to deer hunt all you have to do is choose your weapon. Hunt creek side with your bow or stake the ground to take long-range rifle shots from several hilly vantage points. Some deer trails can be seen in several locations coming off the top of the bluffs and heading down toward fields along the creek. Without much effort, a hunter could set up on top of a hill, watch the bottom with binoculars and create the chance of earning a trophy as he makes his way to the water for a drink, or stops on the tall grass for a rest.

OKlahoma Land Auction

In between deer and turkey seasons, wild pigs make for fine sport on this land, too. Then, in fall, watch as hundreds of birds flock the land before separating in the springtime. So, no matter what your favorite species of game this place most likely has it. If you have been looking for the perfect place in Oklahoma, this parcel may be just what you are after.


It’s worth noting that a milo crop was planted on the land and after the 2013 crop has been harvested, new possession can take place. Meanwhile, possession of the grassland is completed upon closing of the sale. Milo, or grain sorghum, is a necessary food product for many people around the world. In more than 60 countries, it is a staple product used mainly for livestock feeding, it is also used for human consumption.


What makes milo so popular is that it can also be used for ethanol. Ethanol fuel (ethyl alcohol) is the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It is most often used as a motor biofuel additive for gasoline. This renewable natural resource fuel has proven to cut down on tailpipe emissions and reduce the global dependency on petroleum. With more than seven billion people living on the planet and billions of livestock animals, milo plays a major part in feeding and transporting these populations.


Those who may be interested in owning this great parcel of land to work it or recreate upon it will not want to miss this auction.