Flash Flooding in Oklahoma

Were you or have you been affected by the deadly flooding that has been slamming Oklahoma and Texas in recent weeks?

There have been tornadoes, downpours, and more. People have died, some are still missing, and many have been forced from their homes. At Smith & Co Auction and Realty Inc., we send our prayers out to families across those states.

Time reported, “A critical flood event began Saturday night in the central and southern United States and escalated into a life-threatening situation for many in parts of Oklahoma and Texas – a region already swollen with well-above-average rainfall month. The torrential late-May rainstorm is pushing some southern cities toward their wettest May on record.”

It has certainly been a trying time for Oklahomans and others in the region. Thankfully, we have firefighters and other emergency workers to help get us through these dark days, ensuring our safety. Without them, we would surely be in even worse trouble. One firefighter has lost life.

ABC News reports, “In Claremore, Oklahoma, about 30 miles northeast of Tulsa, firefighter Jason Farley died when he was swept away while attempting a water rescue.”

His family is in our thoughts and our hearts go out to them. The communities of Oklahoma are knitted closely together. We look out for one another. For more information on how you can help, go to Oklahoma Disaster Relief.