Don’t Miss This Incredible 8,500-Acre Ranch Land for Sale in Elk City, Oklahoma!

Finding the perfect ranch to turn into your home and launch your farming business is no easy feat, especially when you’re dreaming big. The good news for those who are searching for the right property in Oklahoma is that you’re in a state that’s ripe with valuable land waiting to be transformed. The even better news? Smith & Co Auction & Realty has a stunning ranch property for sale near Elk City!

The expansive A-Cross Ranch for sale in Roger Mills County includes 8,500 +/- acres of native and improved grasses and crop land.

Ranch for Sale in Roger Mills County, OK

900 +/- acres of impressive crop land offer prime opportunities for cultivating wheat and alfalfa. The remaining acreage consists of grasses that serve as an ideal pasture for livestock and excellent land for hunting. Located throughout the grass areas are several ponds and streams, including Kiowa Creek and Washita River, that provide an excellent water supply for irrigation. These bodies of water are also thriving wildlife habitats that make this property advantageous for hunting and fishing as well.

The A-Cross Ranch is located in Hammon, OK, just 17 miles north of Elk City. You will have easy access to a paved highway, making it a convenient location for business as well as residence.

Other Land Features of the Ranch for Sale

This large ranch property is already conveniently equipped with functional circle irrigation systems along the Washita River. You’ll also enjoy access to diesel-powered irrigation wells that provide water for the alfalfa crop, allowing you to supply good-quality hay to your animal herds. Steel corrals are already set up on the pasture as well, making it even easier for you to get started with your livestock operation.

The sale of the ranch also includes water rights to all of the water resources on your land—giving you even more bang for your buck!

Along with highly valuable acreage and resources, this Elk City ranch comes equipped with several beautiful structures for living and farm production.

The gorgeous area of the property located on Kiowa Creek serves as the Ranch Headquarters. You can enter Headquarters through the paved front entrance, marked by an illustrious archway, or a more direct gated south entrance. Once you’ve entered the area, you will arrive at four remarkable homes, which include:

Ranch for Sale near Elk City, OK
  • 5,000 +/- square foot brick home with a swimming pool, constructed in 1988
  • 3,000 +/- square foot brick home, constructed in 1994
  • 2,409 +/- square foot home, constructed in 1992
  • 992 +/- square foot home, constructed in 2007

These homes have a classic ranch feel with plenty of open space, hardwood, and unique character. You’ll notice the idyllic ambience of warmth and comfort as soon as you walk through the doors.

Near the Ranch Headquarters, you’ll also find a comprehensive, ready-to-use cattle processing facility.

Large Ranch for Sale in Roger Mills County, OK

The facility includes a processing barn, steel pens, Quonset building, supply and equipment storage structure, and a shop and/or office building. Additionally, there is a 5,000 square foot insulated steel building that was constructed in 2004. Wired and built on concrete with a lean-to on the south side, this multi-functional structure can be used for a wide range of opportunities.

If you’re looking for a self-supporting and well-diversified property in a convenient location, contact Ira Smith at Smith & Co Auction & Realty for more information about the A-Cross Ranch in Roger Mills County. You can also check out our online listing to learn more about the ranch, view a photo gallery, access detailed maps, and see an aerial video of the property!

As an Oklahoma farm native with over 30 years of local real estate experience, no one is more qualified or passionate about helping you find the perfect property for your farm and ranch operation than Ira.

Call Ira Smith at 580-334-6001 today to inquire about the sale of this amazing Oklahoma ranch and the many opportunities that come with it!