Bettering the Lives of Oklahoma Farmers

Anything you need to know about Oklahoma can be had from knowing a little bit about our farmers. Oklahoma farmers are some of the most hardworking Americans in the entire country, representing a dedication to the land and their craft that is unparalleled in our eyes. The sun beats down on their hearts as they tend to the land. Sometimes their hands are calloused and their eyes are weary, but for these farmers, working outdoors and braving any elements the weather decides to throw at them is divinely-inspired work; not everyone can do it and for those that do take pride in their work. They are Oklahoman through and through. An important part of their job is irrigation efficiency, as written about in this article from Southwest Farm Press.

Ron Smith writes, “No one has to tell Oklahoma farmers that pumping irrigation water can be expensive. In 2013, they spent some $22 million to power about 5,351 water pumps. That breaks down to a per-acre cost of $52 for ground water and $17 for surface water, says Scott Frazier, associate professor in renewable energy at Oklahoma State University.”

That is clearly a large portion of money going to irrigation efficiency and while irrigation efficiency is crucially important to the overall success of their crops, is there any possibility that Oklahoma farmers can lower the costs and become more efficient? Frazier has some ideas, including improving the efficiency of engines, the pump system, the water distribution system, and more. Those might be considered some big changes, but other more manageable things include keeping an eye on and understanding the electric rate schedule.

By improving their irrigation efficiency, Oklahoma farmers will be contributing to the overall improvement of the state, including the economy, and that is something that we at Smith & Co Auction and Realty Inc. can get behind!