Benefits to House Shopping At The End Of The Year

The end of the year is often reserved for holiday shopping and celebrating, but truth be told, the months of October to December are great times to purchase a new home. With most people being pre-occupied with Christmas preparation, you might be able to locate your dream home with less stress than during the busy real estate months.

The buying benefits for the end of the year range from favorable tax deductions to anxious sellers looking to sell for a great price. While there are, on average, fewer homes for sale at this time, you’ll be one of a small select group of people looking over gem properties. Due to limited number of prospective buyers, your chances of purchasing a dream home are increased.

Other perks of waiting to compare MLS listings during the winter months include:

Deducting mortgage interest, property taxes and point on your loan when you file for income taxes (as long as you close by December 31st). This is very beneficial when you spend the first few years of your loan paying off interest.

If the house you desire is a new build, the building company might offer incentives to buy the property by the end of the year. Throwing in complimentary features is not uncommon.

Moving companies are more readily available in their “off season” which is November to December. This makes moving much more doable.

A fresh start for the New Year can begin with a new home. Making memories in a new home you can share with the people you love is the perfect start of new beginnings. To help start you on your newest journey, contact Smith & Co.