Are You Keeping Oklahoma Beautiful?

At Smith & Co Auction and Reality Inc., we take pride in Oklahoma’s beauty or else we would not be doing what we’re doing! We applaud the efforts of groups that want to keep Oklahoma beautiful, groups like Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. Their mission is “to empower Oklahoma citizens to preserve and enhance the state’s natural beauty and ensure a healthy, sustainable environment.”

We believe it is the responsibility of every Oklahoman to protect and maintain the beauty of the Sooner State. Many things stir the soul here, such as the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Quartz Mountain Resort, Chickasaw National Recreation Area, and Beavers Bend & Hochatown State Park.

If that isn’t enough, there is also the Natural Falls State Park, Talimena National Scenic Byway, Grand lake of the Cherokees, Glover River, Black Mesa Area, and Robbers Cave State Park. Or maybe there is a little patch of land in your neighborhood that makes you happy.

Whatever your thing is, it is your duty to protect it; after all, there’s a reason why we live in Oklahoma – the beauty and atmosphere. Thankfully, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful is vigilant in their mission and last month, they issued a statewide call for nominations in their Environmental Excellence Competition, which recognizes groundbreaking efforts that improve Oklahoma’s aesthetic, environmental sustainability, and healthy quality of life. The submission deadline is August 10, 2015, so if you know of an organization or group that has improved Oklahoma, be sure to nominate them.

We like these awards because it is takes the very best environmental organizations that Oklahoma has to offer and promotes them on a grand stage, inspiring the public and reminding us why Oklahoma is the perfect place to live – and as a group that deals in real estate and auctions, it’s great to see. “Keep Oklahoma beautiful” should be a phrase that is always on your tongue – we know it’s on our tongue!