3 of The Biggest Mistakes Bidders Make at Auctions

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Going to an auction to battle for a property or an item you have your eye on can be intimidating. You might be scared to overbid and waste money, underbid and miss out, or even speak up and place your bid in the first place. But when you finally hear the auctioneer say “sold!” on your bid and walk away with what you came for, it’s a truly thrilling and satisfying experience.

To improve your chances of being the winning bidder, there are a few rookie mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Let’s go over what those top missteps are, so you can go into your next auction feeling fully prepared!

Mistake #1: Showing up unprepared.

If you want to succeed at an auction, you need to have a strategy, do prior research on the items you’re interested in, and establish your budget ahead of time. Without taking these steps to prepare, you’ll be more easily swayed by the auctioneer, other bidders, and your emotions. The most likely outcomes? You’ll either miss out on a great buy, overpay and waste your money, or end up legally obligated to buy something you can’t afford.

Mistake #2: Bidding too small.

Most bidders are afraid of wasting money with big, aggressive bids. But if you want to have a fighting chance at an auction, you have to be bold! Competitors won’t take small bids seriously or be scared off by small increments. In fact, upping your bids little by little will actually encourage others to keep bidding because they think you’re hesitating and can be scared off. Then, if you do win, you’ll probably end up paying a higher final price because you drove up the competition.

Mistake #3: Not bidding at all.

Taking a “wait and see” approach at an auction just puts more pressure on you in the long run. As others grow more confident in their bids, you’re more likely to hesitate and stay quiet than swoop in for the steal at the end. Bidding early and consistently shows that you’re confident and ready to spend, which helps fend off other challengers.

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