3 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home During the Holidays

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Putting your house up for sale during the holiday season may seem like a crazy concept, but it happens more often than you might think. Although it’s not ideal timing, selling at this time of year does offer certain advantages—less competition on the market and a more serious buyer pool to name a few. If you find yourself needing to close a holiday home sale, use these tips below to help streamline the process!

1) Hold back on the holiday decorations.

Overdone holiday décor will obscure and distract from your home’s best features. If your house is on the market during the holidays, skip the inflatable Santa and nutcracker collection this year and opt for a few tasteful holiday accents instead. Garland hanging by the fireplace, a wreath on the front door, a few holiday candles burning, and similarly subtle touches will be enough to capture the warmth and spirit of the holidays without overwhelming.

2) Target motivated buyers.

Work with your real estate agent to find buyers with a deadline, as these will be the people looking to close a deal as quickly as you are. Seek out prospective buyers who are relocating for a job, investors who want to make tax deadlines, and others operating on a tight schedule. You may even want to consider putting your house up for auction, where you’ll have direct access to a larger group of motivated and prequalified buyers.

3) Make your space feel warm and cozy.

Holiday home buyers are focused on finding a house where they can see themselves curling up and hunkering down for the winter. Your job is to make sure your space radiates warmth and comfort that makes them want to stay awhile (or forever!). To get things cozy for showings, turn on all the lights, set the heat to a comfortable temperature, get a crackling fire going if you have a fireplace, and use diffusers or candles to fill the air with inviting holiday scents.

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