Tips for Buying and Selling Heavy Equipment at Auction

Many different tractors standing in row at auction.

Whether you need to get your items sold quickly or need the best possible deal, auctions make large equipment transactions easy for both the buyer and seller! Many manufacturers need to make way for new ranges of equipment, and the rental market needs to refresh their fleet regularly, meaning all redundant equipment usually heads to auction.

Here are a few tips to prepare to buy or sell heavy equipment at auction!

Research the Value

Before you head to an auction to sell your heavy equipment or to look for used machinery, you need to know its value. To locate a suitable buying or selling point, you can check out used sales locally and the industry trends currently showing. Find a fair value you are willing to negotiate and stand firm on your bottom-line price.

Prepare the Equipment

When you take a piece of heavy equipment to an auction, you should take the time to prepare it first. Make sure it looks presentable by washing and refurbishing any worn parts. A nice-looking piece of equipment will draw in prospective bidders. Heavy equipment that isn’t presented properly gives potential buyers the idea you have not maintained its operational needs, and they won’t give it a second glance if it is dirty and unappealing to the eye.

Inspect Equipment

You need to take the time to inspect the items you plan to purchase. Check how the engine turns over and whether there are any leaks. Inspect each piece carefully for any welds or cracks and cycle the hydraulics. You need to know how heavy equipment functions and listen for any unusual sounds that may indicate serious issues.

Ask the seller for as much documentation as possible, like maintenance and service records for the machine in question, as this is another good way of identifying any potential problems. If possible, find out who owned the machine previously to gather some extra info.

Pro Tip: Chances are this will not be the last time you either sell or bid on a piece of heavy equipment at an auction. While you’re there, make connections with the auctioneers and other participants in case you need heavy equipment in the future!

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