HWY 270


Price: $79,000.00

Great land and great location with high visibility!

Great land and great location. High visibility located on Hwy 270. It has rent-able billboards with permits and electric. Good for truck stops, hotel or mobile home parks, etc. Legal: A Tract of land situated in the Northwest Quarter (NW/4) of Section 8, Township 22 North, Range 20 West of the Indian Meridian, lying in Woodward County, Oklahoma, more particularly described as follows: Beginning 1762.67 feet East (N89o10’33”E) on the section line and 1318.76 feet South (S00o11’30”W) of the northwest corner of said Section 8; thence continuing South (S00o11’30”W) a distance of 114.24 feet to a point on the northeasterly right of way line of U.S. Highway No. 270; thence Southeasterly (S43o03’08”E) along said right of way a distance of 280.06 feet; thence Northeasterly (N46o56’52”E) a distance of 100’; thence Southeasterly (S43o03’08”E) a distance of 153.91 feet; thence North (N00o11’30”E) a distance of 379.34 feet; thence Westerly (S87°29’16”W) a distance of 370.57 feet to the point of beginning, said tract containing 2.242 acres, more or less. Less and except any mineral acres and all mineral interests. General Description The subject property is typical for the community in which it is located. No adverse easements or encroachments were noted, with drainage being adequate, and with no danger of flooding under normal conditions. The subject property lies along the north side of Highway 270 and 34 in the southeast quadrant of the City of Woodward, Oklahoma. The subject property is an irregular shaped tract. All typical utilities are available to the site. The tract contains 2.242 acres of unimproved, commercial land. The topography of the site is heavily sloping from southeast to northwest and the appraiser has made the assumption that access to Highway 270 was available with adequate visibility for entry upon the roadway. The client did not furnish a survey of the property; therefore, the aforementioned assumption was made. If this assumption proves incorrect, it may affect the final conclusion of value. Access to the property was provided by a state maintained Highway 34 and 270 on its south boundary with the remaining boundaries being adjacent to commercial or residential properties. This property was considered typical for the area and typically marketable.

This property is to the east of the golf cart shop. It has a double gray billboard on it right now with Red Country on the top and the bottom one is gray.

Contact: Cortney Gainer

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